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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Full membership get you?

Access to your designer via Zoom or Facetime monthly to help you with your style needs. Typically our clients use 4 of those sessions for seasonal edits, and then fill in with special occasion support, random style questions and outfit ideas throughout the year.

24/7 access to your very own virtual closet where you can see and shop your picks directly and receive stylish tips and tricks all in one place!

What does the Monthly Mini get you?

A curated monthly newsletter with 10 stylist approved, shoppable picks that goes out to all Mini Members.

What if I don't like my stylist?

We'll get you squared away with another one. We work with top designers from across the US, and we'll certainly pair you with someone you'll love. 

Can I meet my stylist in person?

At this time, we are fully only offering our services virtually. But plans change and we'll certainly reconsider over time. 

Do stylists only select options from certain brands or stores?

No, we shop from anywhere and everywhere that offers online shipping. We are not beholden to certain brands at all. Our first priority is whatever works best for our members. On the TSC Blog we'll share and showcase our favorite brands and styles - big and small - that you can also shop directly in between styling sessions.

Do you work with all types of styles?

Absolutely! Our stylists are trained to work with women, men, all body types and all styles. We can't wait to get you dressed. 

Do you work with all budgets?

We sure do - you can share all of that detail and more in your profile. You'll fill out a membership profile so we can get to know all of your details. After speaking with you, our stylists we'll begin to curate your very own Virtual Closet!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes of course (but we know you won't want to!). After three months of your membership, if you are unhappy feel free to cancel directly from your dashboard. 

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