Oh the flat lay... one of the most used styled pics for boutiques and brands to hit Instagram. An easy way to display your products, brand or boutique, it's a skill you can easily master once you understand the basics.

Are you ready to take your flat lay skills to the next level? Follow our quick and simple guide to taking your best photos yet. 

Lighting is Key: First things first. Find good light. If you're a boutique, head towards the window and set up your space. Natural light makes everything look better and most certainly will make your clothing or products look best.

Choose Your Background Wisely: When in doubt, opt for white. At Ready Pretty we shoot a lot of our flat lays on matte white poster board or a simple white sheet! Keep it simple - having these materials on hand can make feed look simple and cohesive. That said, if you've got a cool background idea like a cool patterned rug, wrapping paper or something else - go for it! 

Make Space: Sometimes less is really more. When styling your photos, consider the negative space - meaning the space not occupied by your items. Strike the right balance of negative space in your photos to create a more styled look.

Get Creative: There's a standard (read: BORING) way to do flat lays. When laying out your clothing opt for different angles, directions and layers for your pieces. It's easy to get creative by going to Pinterest and looking for inspiration. 

Add Relevant Props: Whether it's a magazine, sunglasses, fresh flowers or maybe a seasonal item - adding fun props can help tell a story about your photo while adding some depth. 

Know Your Angles: While a direct overhead shot is the traditional way of shooting flat lays, we love shooting on a slight angle for a completely different vibe. Switch it up to add a bit more life to your social feed. 

Are you ready to step up your social media photography for your boutique or brand? Try these simple steps - we'd love to see! Feel free to DM or email us a pic to hello@readypretty.com! 

Need a little inspiration? See a few fun flat lay options for your next post! 

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