Social distancing and need to shoot some great content for your social platforms and website? It’s doable. Read on to see how to DIY your next photoshoot and keep your content fresh right now. 

And yes, while we all miss working with our favorite photographers, sometimes you just need to make it work. 

Check out our six simple steps for creating your best content yet. 

Pull Inspo

First things first, for all of our photoshoots that we do for our clients at Ready Pretty, we head to Pinterest first to get some major inspiration. Create and start filling up a board specific to your shoot to house all the creative ideas you can find. It’s always great to refer back to them for pose ideas, location ideas and more. 

Phone a friend

No need to hire a pro model. Ask a friend or family member to step in and step up to shoot with you! If we're still dealing with COVID_19, then it’s time for you to step up! Grab a tri-pod and hop in front of the camera. Your phone or digital camera has a timer… say CHEESE!

Lighting & Location

Next,  pick your location. Make sure it aligns with your brand, the season and your products. Are we still social distancing? If so, find a simple location in your home or just outside your home and make it work - it’s time to get scrappy! Make sure the lighting works in your favor. We love natural light for a shoot, but sometimes you need to improvise. Adding a ring light or soft light boxes can make a huge difference. 

Shot List

This one is important. Take the time to write down a true shot list. What products will be included? How will you shoot them? Flatlays, on model on hanger? Write down every single option so you have a simple guide to follow and you can cross things off as you go. Also, consider exactly how you’re using the photos. Will they be used as product images on site, social media content, used in your email blasts? Thinking through how the imagery will be used will help you shoot the imagery the best way possible. 

Add some props

Use items around your home to add a little life to your imagery.  Be it florals, lipstick, magazines you name it - get creative here! Fun props can create more dimension in your photography making it appear more professional. 

Snap and edit

Okay it’s go time! Shoot some pics, take multiple options and then review each one. Next up, edit them to fit your current feed aesthetic. A few easy to use apps like Snapseed, VSCO or LightRoom can help you find the perfect look for your images. 

Got questions or need help with a branded photoshoot for your business? Email us at and let’s create something beautiful! 

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