So the last few weeks have been… shall we say.. challenging? 

At Ready Pretty, we’re with you and here to help. While things may have stalled, slowed down or albeit stopped completely, we want you to know there are still things you can do to make sales during these crazy times. From a marketing perspective, now is the time to plus-up your digital strategy, and refocus on what to do online right now. 

Read on to see a few simple actions you can take to encourage online sales for your brand or boutique right now.

Now is not the time to go dark…

For the next two weeks we are offering FREE 30 minute consultations to anyone in need of a little support or marketing guidance during these challenging times. Email us at to schedule a time to chat. We’re here to help because we’re all #BetterTogether.

Get online.

First things first, if you don’t have an online store, it’s time to build one. If you don’t know what you’re doing on that front, email us. We’ll get you up and running - with an efficient, beautiful, ready-to-sell ecommerce site ASAP. We can focus on that, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business. 

Keep creating content.

Do not go dark. Keep your social platforms active and engaging. Now is the time to take some great photos, try your hand at a video try-on or showcase more details of the products you're selling. Nervous about not having pro photos?  Your iPhone will work just fine right now. 


Tell stories.

Make use of Instagram’s features with Instastories or go LIVE! Never done it before? Pop in front of a mirror and do a try on, showcase the products up close, go live with a fun Q&A with your audience. There are a variety of ways to use these features that can help get or keep your brand in front of your audiences. 


Partner up.

Have you seen the hashtag #BetterTogether trending? That’s because indie brands and businesses just like you are feeling this crunch, and banding together. Use your local community or reach out to a brand you don’t know but you think might be a good fit to get in front of each other’s audiences in a strategic way. This allows you to foster new customer relationships while supporting another business in return. 

Use your email list. 

We can’t stress this one enough. You’ve built up an email list? Now’s the time to use it. Challenge yourself to create one email blast per week to your list sharing new products and other specialized content. 

Offer gift cards online.

Don’t forget to offer gift cards online. Do some sort of promotion along with it - a small discount off the top can go a long way. It will be a great way to remind people to come back and shop once this is all over. 

Tip: Right now Shopify is offering gift cards for every site - no longer do you need to be on the more expensive plan. Need help sorting this out? Email us at 

Create special discounts and promote them regularly. 

Whether it’s a percentage discount off or a special discount for certain groups like nurses, teachers, etc. create and promote discounts during this time to encourage the sale and keep customers coming back. 

Offer FREE curbside pick up or local delivery. 

When it makes sense, make it simple for your customers to receive their products. Curbside pick up or tossing a package on a front step is a fun way to offer a little something extra for the customers supporting you during this time.

Let us know how we can help to support you during this time. We're here to help. Email and let's chat. 



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