While building a great website is the first step in driving online sales, we always tell our partners, "If you build it, they WON'T come." It's true. Beyond a beautiful online site, it's important to drive traffic to your site in order to convert users and make the sale.

Keeping reading to see our 7 easy tips for driving traffic to your site right now.

Take A Good Photo

You know the drill. Photography is everything in a social media world. But that doesn't always mean you need to hire a pro. Take out that trusty iPhone of yours and start snapping pics of your new arrivals, outfit ideas, or seasonal key category like sweaters or dresses. Need help? Check out our post on how to take the perfect flat lay HERE

Post a Try-On Video

Got a sec, try on a few outfits in your fitting room or large mirror wearing a few of the pieces you're selling. It's a great way to show your customers different styling ideas with pieces available online while also giving a closer and more personal look at your products. 

Send an E-blast 

Email is by far the best way to drive traffic and conversions on your site. Draft a fun "new arrivals" email that showcases your products in a shopp-able format and click send! Check your email analytics to see who and how many people opened and wait for the sales to come through! 

Partner with an Influencer

Find one or two influencers in your local area that can help you not only create great content, but to also help share your brand or boutique with their network and followers. Start by searching fashion bloggers in your area and send a simple introduction and DM to see if they'd be willing to chat about a fun and mutually beneficial partnership. 

Promote Across All Channels

From your business cards, to in-store signage, to receipts and everything in between, be sure you're always promoting your website address to ensure potential shoppers know exactly where to go. 

Skip the Hard Sell

That's right. While we're all in the business of selling, try offering style assistance and tips instead just your hard product sell. Perhaps it's starting a style blog on your site, or creating the occasional Instagram story with a quick tip. Either way, you'll build a relationship with your customers that drive site visits and sales. 

Use Paid Advertising

Want to get in front of a broader audience fast? Try a promoted or boosted post on social media promoting your site, collection or specific product. There's a lot of options when it comes to social media advertising, so start simple with "Look A Like" or "Suggested" audiences and go from there. 

Want more ways to drive traffic to your website? Download our FREE guide which includes even more tips to try right now. 




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