Running a business has so many aspects that need to be tended to. Doing it all while leaving a personal touch can be hard. Using email automation makes both tasks much simpler. With the combination of customer analytics and personalization, email automation can be refined often to  target both new and returning customers - leading you to create unique campaigns that engage your audience and in turn, increase your virtual foot traffic. 

In fact, automated emails may help you significantly increase your revenue. Their conversion rate is 5-10 times higher than promotional newsletters. A recent study by Omnisend, a leading email marketing platform, found that abandoned cart email automation workflows on Black Friday boasted an open rate of 37.69% and an overall purchase rate of 2.13%. Considering that 7 out of every 10 carts are abandoned, gaining over 2% of those lost sales is incredible

Learn more about a few simple automations you can use to drive new and repeat purchases for your business. 

#1: Abandoned Cart Email: Your product is great, we all know it, but the reality is customers may get distracted before they hit the purchase button. That’s where an abandoned cart email comes in handy, sending your customers a clever reminder of the items they have in their cart with a link to what they’re missing out on, can be a great way to close out the sale. 

#2: Upsell Email: Sending out upsell emails to loyal customers or recent shoppers is a very effective way to boost sales and increase the virtual foot traffic on your site. Similar to the approach you would take for an abandoned cart, as well as, thanking them for their recent purchases and sending related items to be accessories of their purchases  or new arrivals. This is giving them personal recommendations that show your expertise. 

#3: Automated Welcome Email for Email Subscribers: Welcome emails are a perfect way to greet new customers and give a snapshot of your brand. Offering a special kind of discount or promotion at this time also creates the opportunity to begin a relationship  and build loyal customers. 

#4: Birthday and Just Because Email: When forming a relationship with your customers, you want to let them  know you care. Send a birthday promotions or emails just because inviting them back to your site. Important to note, not to overdo these emails but to direct messages to purposeful reasons to come visit you again by offering something in return. 

#5: Reconnect with Customers or Rewards Loyal Ones: Haven’t heard from your customers in awhile? Did they leave something in their cart for days without buying? Touch base with your customers and use targeted messaging such as a cart reminder, new products that would pair well with past purchases or even unique experiences for your most loyal shoppers.

Similarly to those who take longer to convert, reward those who keep coming back! Whether it’s a ‘spin the wheel’ promotion or one that’s time sensitive, offering an incentive for loyal customers will only strengthen your relationship and their experience with you. This also goes for subscription based customers. Whether they’re new or aren’t aware, find a cadence that works well to inform people of the benefits they reap through your subscription service. For those that already use it, that may look like an upcoming reminder of the points they have to use, and what it equates to.Leading you to create special promotions and campaigns that can keep them coming back. 

As you begin to incorporate email automation into your business,  you will be able to apply these tips as a way to boost your business and become more connected to your customers. The combination of data and analytics can be just what you need to discover more about your customers and what drives them to not only your site, but the desire to be a consumer of your business. 

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