Today we got the chance to speak with Alyssa Doorhy of CoChic Styling. As an experienced stylist and personal shopper, Alyssa recognizes the ins and outs of looking good. Since sharing fashion tips and tricks is the name of the game, we got Alyssa to dish out some stylist secrets, and share a few of her own favorite pieces with us (of course). Check out Alyssa on Instagram @cochistyling or at


Describe your style in 3 words?

Comfortable (but) put together ;) - My business is called CoChic Styling, which stands for comfortably chic.


How did you get into styling?

I owned a women's clothing boutique before starting my styling businesses, and when I closed the boutique I wanted to stay in the fashion industry with a focus on styling women one-on-one.


What's your wardrobe MVP?

A great jacket or blazer


What would you never wear?

Sky high stilettos


Do you wear a favorite piece to death?

Rag & Bone t-shirt


Are you a closet editor or a builder?

A little bit of both but I'm trying to be more of an editor



Is there a stylist trick you can share with us that you use on the daily?

Pay attention to proportions so your outfit is flattering on your body. For example, play with tucking your top in or try different pant and skirt lengths and rises to see which look elongates you.


What is one shopping tip you use for yourself?

I think about what I have in my closet that I can wear the item with. Is it a "one-off" item or can I pair it with several things?


How has your professional experience influenced your personal style?

I am much better at editing my own wardrobe now that I help others edit theirs. I try to only buy things I really love.


Describe your approach for working with clients virtually.

It's very similar to my in-person approach, thanks to modern technology. First, we have a phone call to get to know each other a bit. Then, we meet on Zoom for the styling appointments, whether it be a Closet Edit or a Fitting for Personal Shopping. For Personal Shopping clients, I compile the items I shop for in a virtual styling platform, specifically for stylists, and send the client their "Finds". The client can click on the photos of the items to be taken to the retailers' websites to purchase the items. Then, when they receive all their shipments, we have a Zoom fitting, where the client tries everything on and I help decide what to keep, what to return, and I help them style the items. The goal is for the clients to gain confidence and save them tons of time and energy while getting dressed.


You can check out Alyssa and her services on Instagram @cochistyling or at

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