Feeling overwhelmed by the state of your wardrobe? Take it step by step with The Stylish Co.’s  10 day Wardrobe Checklist Challenge! Only allow yourself to take on one task a day, and we don’t mean every day. Follow along with us on the blog here, or on Instagram, as we make our way through the list and clean up our closets with ease. 

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The Stylish Co Wardrobe Challenge Checklist

We’re kicking off this challenge with one that we can all agree, is probably in need of some TLC, but will take less than 10 minutes to make a world of difference. Since the handbag is a heavily used accessory, it can quickly clutter up. 

Pare down your purse by removing all items and picking out the most essential. Think phone, keys, wallet. 

Then, other staple items such as glasses, beauty products, tech gadgets and such. 

Dispose of any trash, organize or toss any receipts, and put away anything that didn’t make it back in as a necessity. 

The Stylish Co Wardrobe Challenge Day 1

We love using small pouches like these or these as to organize groups of items together - like phone cords and chargers or lipsticks and powder. When everything has a place you’ll be way less likely to spend your time digging for your phone or searching for your keys and more time getting on with your day. 

That’s it! Are you up for day one of the TSC Wardrobe Checklist Challenge! Tag us in pic (@thestylishcomember) after day one of the challenge is completed for you! We can’t wait to see some tidy (and stylish!) purses! 

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