Vivian Peters is an ultra stylish hair and makeup artist working in the Miami and Chicagoland area on all things beauty and glam. From bridal to film, she adds that glowy touch that we are always lusting after.

We recently had the pleasure of asking Vivian a few questions about her personal style and what she's into right now in the world of beauty.

Name: Vivian Peters

Instagram Handle: @viviansbeautybar

Occupation: Hair and Makeup Artist

Favorite Piece In Your Wardrobe: Would have to be my favorite black blazer that I found while thrifting.

Go To Store / Online Shop: TBH I find shopping makes me tired. I find myself instagram shopping ALOT. Its so easy to like, click and purchase, I love how easy they have made it.

Are you team neutrals or team color: Team neutral. 

What got you started in your field?

"I'll start off by saying the beauty industry was my back up plan, I attended Cosmetology School in High School and my original plan was to be a social worker. I found that when I had clients in my chair, while even starting off as a shampoo girl; I became a social worker too. It was the best of both worlds for me. I quickly realized while working in a salon setting that cuts and color were not for me, I was more into the styling and glamour aspect of it all. Makeup came later when I took a seasonal position at Sephora that turned into 5 amazing years. I cherish that time spent there because I gained so much knowledge and experience, I am a Sephora girl at heart. Fast forward to today I've been an independent artist now for 7 years and love the industry more and more everyday. My passion is glamour and being on set, I thrive in a production/photoshoot setting. I love the whole process and transformation of getting ready for an event or photoshoot. I specialize in event hair and makeup and I love that my bookings always look different from week to week from bridal to boudoir, birthday glam to teaching makeup lessons or being on set of a photoshoot. I am so grateful for the clients and connections I have made thus far especially with other women owned businesses.  It's not easy being an entrepreneur but it's so worth it."

What beauty trends should we know/try for Spring/Summer 2022?

"I feel like the 90s brown lip trend is still 100% on and I love it. So many people can pull it off. Glowy and even glossy skin will always be my jam, it reflects good skincare and I am all about good skincare."


What are you go to beauty products right now? Your absolute must-haves/always have in your beauty kit.

"If I were stuck on an island and was only allowed 3 makeup products it would be bronzer, my eye brow pencil and mascara. I'm also huge on blush - I love blush! It's hard to call out a must have in my professional makeup kit because I personalize looks with each face I touch but blush or bronzer to add color is vital.

What’s a beauty pro-tip that we can try ourselves at home?

"Spend an extra 5 minutes massaging your skincare products in. It will give you a fresh glow that your skin will thank you for. I'm big on adding facial tools like a Gua Sha or roller to the routine for added benefits. Don't be afraid to play with colors, try a colored eyeliner for example; they are so popular right now; I love to teach a quick smokey eye look by applying eyeliner all over the lid and blending out the edges with bronzer. It might take you a few times to get it to look seamless but it's a good at home hack for a smokey eye."

How would you describe your hair and makeup style?

"I'm a hair down kinda girl personally, I love long beach waves, or curls. For makeup bronze and glowy is my go to. When in the mood, a bright lip is fun and can brighten up a whole look. I'm always helping clients find their best bright lip because it can be overwhelming with so many options and undertones but once you find one you love it's fun and you'll stick with it."

How would you describe your personal style?

"Sporty and Glam. I love a cute sweatsuit with gym shoes but also love the glitz and glam of dressing up and wearing heels."

How does style affect your day to day?

"After becoming a Mom I quickly realized how being organized/planning outfits the night before saves time, if not my day to day style is somewhere between homeless but make it look cute."

What outfit makes you feel most confident?

"I think being comfortable is so important and also finding outfits to compliment my body type makes me feel most confident."

What’s an outfit from your past that you can’t believe you wore? 

"I use to have these HOT PINK– pointy toe– patent leather boots that went up to my calves. I have no idea where I got them or why I felt so cool wearing them but looking back I cannot believe I actually left the house wearing them. Wish I had a photo of them to share."

How do you like to have fun with your style? 

"I love mixing dressy clothing pieces with casual. Like a cute leopard skirt with a plain tee. Or Jeans with a Tee and a colored blazer. I don't think I wouldn’t go as far as the joggers and heels but I get it."

Big thank you to Vivian for sharing some of her coveted beauty pro tips and delving into her personal style with us. 

Be sure to check out more of Vivian's work through her website or Instagram.


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Great interview! Vivian is the sweetest person, lots of personal style, beautiful, and so talented!

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