For this week’s Style Profile, we talked with The Stylish Co. (and Ready Pretty)  founder, Jeanine Benoit Adams about her style, the pieces in her wardrobe she loves the most and how to get out of a style rut. 

We were able to stop Jeannine for a moment in her busy schedule to ask the Chicago entrepreneur a few questions about her own personal look and find out how she continues to have fun with fashion. 


Name: Jeanine Benoit Adams


Instagram Handle: @readypretty, @thestylishcomemeber


Occupation: Founder of The Stylish Co. and Ready Pretty


Go To Store / Online Shop: I don’t have a go to simply because I love discovering new brands and designers! But I’m pretty partial to The Stylish Co. Showroom :)


Are you team neutrals or team color: Neutrals most of the time! 


How would you describe your personal style? 

This is such a hard question for me - as I’ve evolved into motherhood it’s certainly changed. I’d say polished but not fussy, neutral with the occasional pop. 

Do you have a signature look? 

My go to is most certainly great denim, an oversized blazer and a good heel.

Do you like to mix up your style often? 

I have my go to’s but every now and then I’ll take a hard right turn into something a little different from my norm. It’s always so fun to sometimes feel like a different person with a simple switch of an outfit. 

How do you like to stay stylish? 

I’m lucky enough to run The Stylish Co. - so just like all of our customers, I have access to an incredible stylist that keeps me feeling great. Plus a large part of my career has been in the fashion industry as both a writer, on-air style correspondent and business owner so you can say I’m surrounded by it on the daily. 

How does style affect your day to day?

I always say, fashion is transformative. When you look good, you feel good. It’s a confidence builder for sure. So for me, I like to think of it as self-care. Putting on a great outfit to start my day is a first step in making it a great day. It’s more than just the clothing, it’s about feeling good about what’s staring back at you in the mirror and then taking that feeling into your interactions throughout the day. 

What is your go-to piece right now?

My Agolde Criss Cross denim. 

How would you style your favorite piece? 

My oversized white blazer, black pumps, gold necklace and Abby Alley the brand ring. 

How do you like to have fun with your style?

I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, but have been taking more risks with bold pops of neon, or lately I’ve been shying away from my go to denim looks and wearing different style pants like wide leg trousers, silk bottoms or suiting shorts. It’s fun to push a comfort zone here and there and shop my closet trying to pair things in different ways.

What advice would you give someone stuck in a style rut? 

Bring in help! Just like we go to the salon for our hair, or get our make up done for big events, or head to the gym for our overall physical health - it’s the same with style! Working with a TSC Stylist can not only save you time and stress, but more importantly, they help you get your style right the first time. It’s expert guidance to help make your life a little bit simpler and a whole lot more stylish.

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Stylishly Yours, 

The Stylish Co. team

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