Hi, I'm Jeannine Benoit Adams, the founder of the Stylish Co. - many of you might know me as the founder of Ready Pretty. A little back story here...

About 6 years ago I quit my corporate job as a Director of Content Marketing at a digital agency in Chicago. I loved the people I worked with, loved my team - I honestly loved the job, but knew I'd always wanted to create something of my own. So I started Ready Pretty - and at the time, it was a small personal styling service that started with styling a few friends, then turned into their friends then turned into people I didn't know but wanted (and needed) some style help.

The Stylish Co Founder Jeannine Adams

But life has a way of creating twists and turns and soon I started working with more brands and started feeling like I was missing something and Ready Pretty shifted into a digital marketing agency focused on content, PR and web design for female-led brands and businesses. I loved it. The styling got put on hold and we built an incredible portfolio of amazing women-owned businesses and an even more incredible team of women to support those clients - and our business grew.

In the time that I originally started Ready Pretty to now - life has changed. I went from 1 little boy to now two little boys and a little girl - I’m now squarely in my 30's, and with that my lifestyle  and personal style has changed. And when I talked to my friends I realized that we've all changed and couple that with the pandemic and pretty much living in athleisure the majority of 2020, trying to get dressed this year has been a challenge. I've heard over and over and over again from friends, "I have no idea what to wear anymore" or "I don't wear half the stuff in my closet" or "it's like I forget how to dress myself". And so it got me thinking...

So, for all of you that are currently in this phase of life, where it feels like your style has changed but you're not quite sure how to change it. Or maybe it's been a while since you've shopped for yourself and don't quite know where to start - The Stylish Co is for you. 

It was time to bring a new version of Ready Pretty back - but in a whole new way. I learned a lot from RP version 1, and took all the feedback, ideas and questions from all of our old clients to create The Stylish Co. So now, here we are - we've launched it and we're listening to each and every one of you. We're working with five of the MOST amazing professional and personal stylists based in Chicago, Los Angeles and North Carolina - more on them soon. Am I still doing any of the styling? Yes, I'll be working with a lot of our original clients.

Research shows that the average women purchases about 40 articles of clothing a year - shouldn't you feel good about each and every one of them?

Here's what a membership includes

  • Seasonal style pulls 
  • Special event quick styling
  • Direct access to your stylist for an entire year
  • Style tips and tricks personalized just for you
  • 24/7 access to your personalized, virtual closet
  • Access to special sales and discounts on clothing in our designer showroom

So that's it, we launched it and we're going to see how it goes. It felt like I wasn't quite done with Ready Pretty version 1 - and now felt like the time was right to bring it back. 

To those of you that have purchased your membership - YAY - it's so nice to hear from you again or meet you for the first time. It's been so much fun putting together or checking out all of the looks and pieces that our stylists have put together for you. For those of you considering it? Style has the power to transform you. It's a confidence builder, it's a mind-set shifter, it's a time saver. There's power in feeling good in what you wear and knowing that every single thing in your closet works well for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Have questions? Email me HERE

If you've made it this far, thanks for coming to my TEDTalk :) I guarantee you'll love your year of good style. And if you don't, cancel at anytime.

Use code FOUNDER20 for 20% off your membership.

Let's make this your most stylish year yet. 





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