Consider this guide your ultimate reference for every way to cuff your denim. Jean cuffing hacks every stylist keeps in their back pocket, now made available to you. 

1. Single Roll

One baby roll up. Super simple way to give you a small but chic style boost. Show a little bit more of the ankle to work with different types of shoes. 





2.The Pin Roll

Fold over, then fold up. Holds the jeans tight to your ankle. Works great with skinny jeans and when you’re looking to keep the pants tapered.


3. Skinny Single Cuff

Reminiscent of the 80's. Works well with boyfriend or mom jeans. 


4. Thick Cuff
Works well with slouchy pants. Makes an outfit look both elevated and casual. 


















5. One Fold Up

Effortless and oh so chic. Works best with untapered jeans, like a straight leg. 


















Let's see those stylish cuffs - tag us #thestylishco if you post a picture of your cuffed denim look. 

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Stylishly yours,

Jeannine & team at The Stylish Co.

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