Please welcome our newest brand to the Showroom, Abby Alley.

Chock full of timeless gold jewelry and functional accessories, Abby Alley delivers another level of style. 

We were able to sit down with the CEO and founder of the brand, Abby, to ask a few questions and gain insight into the conception of her pieces and history behind the business.

What was the catalyst or what prompted you to begin your own brand?

I was an elementary school teacher and took an opportunity to volunteer at a primary school in Arusha, Tanzania in 2014. This experience led me to explore East African culture, learn about craft and fair trade, and opened up a desire to connect women in the US to this very meaningful part of my story. In 2016, I began working with artisans and testing the market with an online store and launched my own brand, Abby Alley, in November, 2018. 

Can you tell us a bit about the brand and your ideal customer?

We are a brand that believes in people over product. We love fashion and believe it is a beautiful way to express ourselves. We believe in partnership, collaboration, a sustainable lifestyle, progress over perfect, and always striving to know more and do better.

Our customers have good style and are socially conscious. They love to travel, care about wellness, and want to do good.

They shop at local boutiques because they want well-made, intentional design, and love the experience of discovery. They also don't mind a little luxury. ;)

What is your go-to piece right now?

I wear my Sling Bag every single day, so that's my easy answer. It's my favorite thing in my closet! That said, our 1.5" Everyday Hoops are also a current go-to!

What is it that you are most proud of with Abby Alley since launching the brand so far?

I am most proud of our ethos, how we conduct our business in partnership with the makers of our products. My personal relationships with our partners is of the utmost importance and I am committed to being a people-first brand. I am also really proud of the quality of our pieces, which speaks to the talent and craftsmanship of our partners.

What is next for Abby Alley?

We recently did a refresh of our brand and how we release products. We are no longer going to release large, seasonal collections because I don't believe that is what serves our customers best. We don't need 30 new pieces of jewelry and 10 new bags every season! Instead we are doing limited edition jewelry drops every month of one or two pieces - the must-have pieces I'm loving and think you'll love too! I believe in quality over quantity wholeheartedly and this totally aligns with that belief.

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Stylishly yours, 

Jeannine & team at The Stylish Co.


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