When you look good, you feel good. 

What you are wearing can significantly affect how you feel. A good day is made better when you can strut down the street with your head held high. 

At The Stylish Co. we believe that taking time for yourself is an act of self-care. Feeling confident in what you wear makes an immensely positive change in your day-to-day. A well-dressed woman feels like her best self in her favorite clothing items. 

We’re sharing a few of our favorite stylist-approved hacks for you to use to elevate your confidence in every outfit. Give them a go and let us know which ones work best for you! 


1. Throw on a pair of gold hoops

Classic gold hoops instantly give any outfit a new perspective. Try them when you’re on day three hair and need to pull it up in a scrunchie. The up-do + earrings combo makes you look like you’re ready to go no matter what. A favorite of ours are this perfectly sized pair for every day by Abby Alley. 


2. Try out wrinkle spray

If wrinkles are your problem, put away the hot iron and try out an anti-wrinkle spray. You can find them in the laundry and stain removal aisle and they do wonders on your not so wrinkle free blouses and skirts. This crease release by the Laundress will turn your frumpy favorites presentable again.


3. Have your blazer fitted 

We can’t get enough of a fitted blazer look. When your clothing is tailored to you, it immediately looks and feels more luxurious. A quick way to get this look is to take the too-big blazer you keep pushing to the back of your closet and take it into a tailor. You won’t believe the difference a couple of inches of fabric can make. 


4. Get your nails done 

We don’t exactly know why, but having your nails done just makes you feel like you really have your stuff together. Practically, it’s not the most necessary but it’s a self-indulgence we 100% agree with. We get a ton of inspo from our favorites here in Chicago, @toykonails.chicago. Their nail designs are wearable, long-lasting and super fun. 


5. Schedule a professional bra fitting

Knowing your bra size can be life-changing. The way your clothes wear on your frame can change how comfortable you feel in your pieces. This handy chart from Nordstrom is a great way to DIY measure, but all Nordstrom locations also provide free bra fittings. 


6. Invest in the perfect white tee

When you just can’t decide on what to wear, a white tee is a great grab. Purchase two, so you always have one on hand just in case. They go with just about everything and of course, can be dressed up or dressed down. We can’t get enough of the Of an Origin everywhere v-neck tee which is also very versatile (happens to be nursing friendly but for suuureee doesn’t look it!) and can be worn in multiple ways. 


7. Choose a co-ord set

Another easy fix for a quick, automatically put-together outfit is a co-ord set. Separate them as you wish, but they were built to be worn together. When you just can’t seem to put together an outfit, reaching for a coordinated set is totally OK. For even easier outfit formulas, sign up for a Monthly Mini Membership and receive curated outfits from our stylists each month. 


8. Don’t forget to wear a watch 

An often overlooked accessory, a watch is a chic addition that you can add to any outfit. Pair with a few bracelets or let the watch have a shining moment. We love to see vintage, feminine styles in both silver and gold. 


9. Add a little lipstick and blush

Spruce up your look with a quick flush of color. Save time with this 2 in 1 cheek and lip tint that lasts all day long. 

Feeling put together is personal. Need style hacks tailored to you? Gain confidence in your closet when you become a Stylish Co. Member. The Stylish Co. can help you get the style help you need to feel like the best version of yourself.

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