Let’s face it - Summer is sweaty, sticky and HOT. Balancing feeling cool and confident in your Summer fit can start to feel impossible. When you can’t take the heat anymore but you still need to go out and look good, we gathered four different internet derived hacks you can use to make your outfit feel 100 times more comfortable in this Summer heat. 


1.Here’s the scenario: you want to wear a flowy dress but it’s giving… sack. You need to add a waist but a constricting belt is the last thing you want to do. All you need for this hack is two safety pins and two pieces of ribbon. Turn the dress inside out, attach a safety pin + piece of ribbon to each side seam at the waist, and tie in a bow at your back.  Check out the video here for an easy tutorial on how to complete the hack. (In the video she doesn’t turn the dress inside out and instead leaves the ribbon on the outside for another option!)


2.So you’ve decided on the long sleeve but you just can’t get away with keeping the sleeves down. You keep trying to cuff them but it’s feeling even bulkier. A little trick to scrunch them up and make it last all day are cuff band holders. Order a pack or two and you won’t turn back. They work amazingly on blazers and dress shirts the same. 


3.There you are in front of the mirror; your shirt feels too long and you want to crop it but with each style you try, you feel like you’re showing too much skin. Put on a pair of shorts or jeans with belt loops and grab a linen button-down. Keep it unbuttoned, grab each side, and cross in front. Pull each end through a belt loop on your side, and tuck into your waistband. You can watch a video on exactly how to complete this hack here.


4.Now you know you want to wear a light-colored tee shirt but you can’t stand the pit stains that come with it. The solution to this problem is always pit pads. These disposable guards are an invisible life saver when there’s not much more you can do to stop the stains. Plus, you’ll thank yourself later when your favorite shirts don’t sustain those everlasting yellow underarms. 

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