We have all been fed the same line for ages; "No white after Labor Day!". I thought this was a Southern rule, but no - Midwesterners swear by it as well! Here in Chicago, we seemingly only have two seasons, summer and winter, and both call for white attire. So, this year, with the help of High-End and High-Street, we’re showing you how these rules just don’t apply! This year’s New York Fashion Week runway sported super cute pieces clad in white and ivory for Autumn 2020. Therefore, we are not going to let our grandmother’s wrath scare us into packing away all of our favorite pieces! This week, I want to show you five of our favorite all white pieces from the Shoppes and how you can style them to make them autumn approved.

Sweetest Stitch

Swiss Dot Blouse, Cream

My oh my, this blouse is gorgeous! The high neck paired with the open back detail perfectly balances sexy and sophisticated top. If you are wanting an elevated look for a night out or holiday (Thanksgiving is right around the corner, ladies!), add a pair of black denim or slacks, heels, and you've got it! Or opt for a more casual look by pairing with light denim and flats and have a fun outfit for running errands or a casual dinner with the girls!

Devyn’s Secret: To my fellow ladies with fuller chests; do not let backless shirts scare you off! Booby Tape truly works wonders and is less than $20! Another option for you is to pair with a lacey bralette – these are meant to be shown off! 


Sweetest Stitch

Pom Pom Sweater, Ivory

I said it last week, and I will say it again; I am OBSESSED with sweaters!  This one is no exception to my addiction and will be added to my closet very soon! Sweaters are my favorites because they can be dressed up with a pair or dark denim or slacks or dressed down with a pair of leggings or ripped jeans. This is one of those pieces you need in your closet for the days you are thinking, "I have nothing to wear!".  

Devyn’s Secret: Size up in your sweaters for a super cute oversized look to pair with denim or leggings. Or size up two sizes and you have a super cute sweater dress!


Gigi Bottega

Just Effortless Tank

The minimalist look is one that I cannot get over! A strong wardrobe starts with strong basics, and this "not so basic, basic" is a must have. A perfect way to wear white after Labor Day, is to use it as a layering piece! The Just Effortless Tank from Gigi Bottega paired with a dark blazer is giving me boss girl vibes for sure! If you are opting for a more casual look, this tank paired with a chunky cardigan and ripped jeans is the perfect fall look. Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, because dear, you are killin' the fall game in this one!


Mod & Soul

Isabella Dress

At this point, it is no secret that I love midi dresses! I am happy that the High Street has found a few ways to make midi dresses perfect for fall-time. One of my favorite ways to warm up dresses in the fall, is to layer - scarf, denim jacket, booties; you know the drill! This is such a timeless autumn look, you cannot go wrong. Another go-to layering option, is to throw on a cropped, chunky sweater over the midi dress. This look has never failed me; always keeping me stylish and warm.

LBD Etc. Chicago

Classic Crochet Mix Midi Dress

Where do I even begin with this one? I am completely obsessed with this dress from our friends at LBD Etc. Chicago! From the silhouette, the fabric, the length - this dress is literally gorgeous! If you want to make a statement, this dress will be perfect for you. Just as the model is wearing, I think this would be a knockout Thanksgiving look paired with black heels and hoop earrings.

Tell us, do you wear white after Labor Day?

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