This time of year, I love decorating my home and hosting family and friends to celebrate the holidays. I get it from my mom. She's an incredible cook and loved having her family in her home during this time of year.  I have the best memories being in the kitchen with her for hours, cooking and laughing and enjoying the time we spent together preparing to eat a great meal with the people we loved most. Setting the table was always my job and I took a lot of care in trying to create a beautiful table. 

When I learned that one of our Shoppes partners, Argaman & Defiance had a home goods line perfect for the Holidays I was beyond excited. Yep, I know we're a fashion site, but let's be honest, these pieces are some of THE most fashionable tablewear (is that a thing?) I've ever seen!

See the full collection below and get ready to WIN the holiday decor game. Still need help with what to wear for all the Holiday festivities coming up? Check out this blog post

And please, send me pics of your tables - I want to see the final looks!!



Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

I mean, this table setting is BEYOND! And the best part? This particular setting is disposable - perfect for messy little ones! 



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