Today we're so excited to share a new boutique partner with all of you!

Meet Winnie Cooper boutique - hailing from Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood - this boutique is chock full of on-trend, affordable pieces for stylish women everywhere. Our Boutique Solutions team not only helped them to create a new and stylish website all their own, but their also now selling a few exclusive pieces on The Shoppes! 

Read on to learn a bit more about this relatively young boutique, meet their owner Sandy and see what's up with the name - yes, it's what you think it is!

Shop our current favorites here and be sure to check out the new custom website designed by Ready Pretty to see their full line up of stylish gear!


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The summer dress of our dreams. Take her right into fall with a denim jacket draped over your shoulders and fun mules. 
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How long have you been in business? 

Winnie Cooper Boutique opened for business November 2017.

Why did you start Winnie Cooper? 

I've always had an eye for putting together great outfits. Providing that skill in a larger way through a boutique business was a great way for me to support women who want assistance with their wardrobe selections. 

How would you describe Winnie Cooper? Who's your shopper? Tell us about your boutique! 

Winnie Cooper Boutique represents a classy and trendy style of women's "fun-wear" I like to call it. While we carry fantastic evening/event outfits our sweet spot is fun, casual-wear. From trendy print skirts and dresses to amazing blouses/tops and bottoms. We carry great casual footwear brands, too. Most of our jewelry brands are smaller independent women owned businesses. I'm always looking for new brands to introduce to our customers. We carry products made in the USA and some that give back to the community. We're researching sustainable brands to introduce soon too.

What's the best part about owning and running your own boutique? 

Besides bringing my dog Mollie to work with me everyday, I love being able to start, stop or change whatever needs to be done. That comes along with some "UGH" moments. But so many more treasured YEAHs!

What's the biggest challenge you face as a boutique owner? 

Staying ahead of the fashion seasons and knowing what our customers are going to want to wear. We have some great vendor reps that help steer us away or towards styles.

What Fall trends are you most looking forward to? 

Jackets! All kinds! Moto, faux fur, denim, puffer. Need a different look? Just add a jacket for something different.

What do you want people to know about Winnie Cooper? 

Our purpose is to help women feel wonderful in what they wear. Putting together outfits is what we do. You will feel so welcomed shopping with us!

What's your favorite piece in-store and online right now? 

We have an amazing denim tie-waist sleeveless dress made with Tencel from Level 99. It's wonderfully comfy as a casual weekend dress and transitions well to Fall with a wonderful JACKET! It's available to purchase on our new online site, too!

Denim Tie Front Sleeveless Dress, $118

Any advice for someone considering opening a boutique? 

Getting the business open is just a moment. The real work comes in keeping it going. Put good people around you that compliment your strengths. Our amazing store manager, Tiffany is an experienced retailer. That experience compliments my background in corporate business. Take some time to understand what your boutique's core value is all about.

Shop the entire Winnie Cooper collection on The Shoppes by clicking HERE now! 

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