In our latest 'meet the boutique series' meet Hallie Borden, the woman behind Milk Handmade - the long-standing boutique in Chicago's fun and hip Andersonville neighborhood.  With a focus on stocking mostly female, emerging brands, we can always count on Milk for unique pieces you can't find all too many places. 

What's more, this year Hallie launched Milk Private Label, a small batch of her own designs that our entire team is obsessed with. Our current favorites include the floral satin blazer (OMG) and the funfetti (yes, you read that right) joggers and matching sweatshirt - perfect for lounging in style all season. 

Read on to learn more about Hallie, Milk and why we love this boutique so much. 

Why Milk Handmade? Is there a story behind the name?
My last name is Borden, like the milk, and when the name “Milk” popped into my head 7 years ago, I just knew it was right. I like that it represents femininity and a connection to nature, and I love having vintage Borden milk crates displayed in the window.

How did you get into the retail field? How did your professional background get you to this point?
I worked retail throughout high school and college, and I always hated it, because I didn’t believe in the product I was selling. I knew it would feel different with my own store, and always kept it in the back of my mind as a “dream job.” A couple years out of college working nothing but desk jobs, I was so unhappy with my professional life. I decided to put my life savings on the line and go for it, and never looked back.

What do you think sets Milk apart?
At Milk, we are passionate about locally made, ethical and sustainable clothing. Everything we sell is something you can feel good about buying. We feature so many emerging designers whose work you can’t find anywhere else, so you know you’re getting a unique piece. We also focus on bringing in pieces that aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so you can wear them for years to come.

Can you share a bit about what shoppers will see in your store for Fall/Winter?
Think cozy sweatsuits, perfect layering pieces, and unexpected alternatives to the classic holiday party dress. (Like the floral two-piece suit we can't stop wearing!)

Shop our Milk Handmade favorites below: 


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