Here at Ready Pretty, we love Fall for so many reasons. Beyond the PSLs, rich warms hues and cozy fabrics of the the season, it’s also finally time to add some extra cool (er… is it warm?) layers to not only combat the crispness in the air but also add some serious style to your outfit.

Check out our stylist approved tips for layering your Fall wardrobe. And be sure to check out a few of our newest Fall arrivals here

Tip #1: Don’t Put Those Summer Dresses Away Just Yet

All those sleeveless dresses don’t need to be put away, right away. Extend the life of some of your Summer pieces by adding a fun long sleeve tee or turtleneck underneath some of your favorite dresses. Want to do more? Add a cool jacket or blazer on top for a fully layered look. This tip works for jumpsuits too! 

Tip #2: Go Monochrome

Black on black is always a great pairing, but take it a step further and try this layering tip with other colors too. We love doing this with neutrals – think winter whites and camels, but don’t be afraid to go bold with more saturated hues as well.

Tip #3: Make It Work Together, But Be Okay Apart

Each layer should not be dependent on the other, but instead should simply complement the other. If you take one layer off, and things just look a little “off” reconsider your layers and work to simplify. 

Tip #4: When in Doubt, Add a Print

Consider this the lazy-girls layer. Keep things basic underneath and then add a bold printed jacket, blazer or coat to really liven things up. It’s an easy way to create a super chic look.

Tip #5: Blazers Are Your Best Friend

Speaking of blazers… anyone who has ever worked with one of our stylists knows that here at Ready Pretty, we believe in the blazer. It’s just one of those pieces that everyone can wear.  Make sure you’ve got a few good options in your closet and you’ll never be without a good layer.

Check out a few of our favorite layering pieces currently on The Shoppes now! Happy shopping! 

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